SEASIDE beach huts make perfect spots for staycations and long lazy days in the sunshine.

In south Essex, we’re certainly huge fans of the idyllic and calming seaside homes from home.

It’s easy to understand why there has been a huge surge in price for beach huts on Southend’s seafront.

One such property is one in Thorpe Bay priced at a staggering £70,000 – with a kitchen and lounge area, and lovely red colour scheme.

Estate agency firm Home in Thorpe Bay say even though it’s been on the market for just a few days there’s already been interest in the beach hut.

Ricky Foker, 36, manager of the estate agents said it offers plenty to any future owner.

He said: “It went on the market last Monday and we’ve had a few enquiries about the beach hut.

“What makes this so special is the location and the position just close to St Augustines Avenue in Thorpe Bay and the The Broadway shopping parade in the town.

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“It’s been in the family for some time and offers a rare opportunity to own a top beach hut like this in the location.

“It’s still early doors but we expect more enquiries about this one. We did have a viewing but they cancelled.”

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Other property experts say the price has rocketed in the last 30 years – with Southend’s beach huts usually in the top price bracket.

Mike Gray, managing director of Dedman Gray Estate Agents in Southend said: “Over the last 30 to 40 years there’s been different flurries of interest and in recent years the pricing was at about £40,000 to £50,000.

“Then in the last year it’s jumped up to £60,000 or £70,000.

“There’s been several sales at this level and we had one sell where the deposit was paid in one hour of it going on the market.

“About £70,000 is the peak price for beach huts so far.”

He said there’s an extremely wide range of prices across different coastal resorts in the country, but Southend beach huts are usually in the top end of the pricing range.

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The property firm boss said there are some spots in the UK where the huts can sell for up to 30 per cent more, but this is usually where there’s less huts to be had.

Those who own and rent out their idyllic and calm seaside havens say families can create wonderful memories at their beach huts.

Angie Sterry, 54, from Little Wakering, rents out her beach hut in Thorpe Bay, which she named Serenity.

She said the beach huts offer a great place to sit and watch the world go by on your own or with friends and loved ones.

She said: “Most of us couldn’t afford a home with a sea view and this is the next best thing.

“You can spend time and enjoy all the fun of the beach, but also have a few extra comforts as well.

“Many of us will remember walking past pretty huts from our childhood with fondness.”