I HAVE enjoyed following the stories in the Gazette of Colcheter United’s historic win against Leeds because I was also there with my late husband John Hazell.

What a day that was - John actually ran on to the pitch with the crowds after the final whistle blew.

As a football referee he did wonder if he would get hauled over the coals for it but he was caught up in the euphoria of such a great game, and fortunately all was well.

We were also with fellow supporters on the flight to Everton.

John can be seen in the photograph outside the plane, far left in the dark overcoat on Page 33 (Gazette, March 5).

I remember sitting so high up in the Everton stand, a first experience of such a large football stadium.

John used to tell our family about the Colchester United games he attended as a boy. Sometimes the crowds were so large every inch of the space was used; people even sitting on the touch-line inches from the players.

Such happy times and happy memories.

Pauline Hazell

Lockhart Avenue, Colchester