A SOUTH Essex actress has spoken about the joys of working from home, with a perfect sea view, in Barbados.

Pippa Moss, originally from Rochford, and partner James Hesling left their lives behind for the sunnier climate.

She said the impact of Covid on the arts industry meant it was perfect timing to dash to sunny Barbados.

She said the move was stressful, and she misses her family.

She said: “We opted for the quieter and scenic East coast of the island and we are living at a stables – so we’re quite far away from civilisation!

“So it’s meant we’ve only really felt the effects of the pandemic when we do our weekly shop – right now we are in lockdown and the only shops open are grocery stores.

“There are no takeaways available, no clothing stores, even petrol station shops weren’t allowed to stay open and the postal service was stopped. We are also only allowed out of our houses to exercise between 6am and 9am – its much stricter than the UK and I think it’s a good thing.

“I work from my laptop, on a garden table and chairs set on our front porch – the sea is in view, there is a lovely breeze rustling the palm trees and pot plants and I can wear a summer dress and flip flops.

“I struggle in the cold weather and pollution in the UK health wise – my allergies and immune system sometimes struggle – over here, my skin is glowing, I’m eating better and I’m taking more time to have mindful breaks to take in the surroundings.

“When I was working from home in the UK I would just keep working through until late evening. I feel my life is better balanced here.

“I’m missing riding my racing bike! The roads here aren’t great so it’s not the best place for cycling – there are some triathlon clubs here though so we are looking forward to open water swimming and training more when we have more flexibility with getting out and about.”

Pippa also said she’s been missing her family, due to visitation limitations in England.

She is building her online business as well as coaching acting students online and working with the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

She added: “We sold everything we wouldn’t need and gave away countless items of clothing and household items.

“We were due to fly out on New Year’s Eve but due to the government guidelines shifting constantly we brought the flight forward a day.

“We had to leave our property as we were renting it out and so we were worried we wouldn’t have anywhere to live to be honest! But it all worked out and I’m really proud of what we achieved.”