AN inspiring advocate for Asperger’s awareness is preparing to tackle a football-themed challenge to raise money for a mental health charity.

Jake Coare, 25, was diagnosed with the neurodevelopment disorder, which is a form of autism, while studying at primary school.

The lifelong Arsenal fan, who also battles clinical depression and anxiety, now documents his experiences on his website to further educate the public.

“It’s a great release for me mentally to be able to express myself and tell my loved ones how I feel inside,” he said.

“It feels weird being able to able to help other people, but if my blog helps one person then I’ve done my job.”


Jake is now hoping to raise essential funding for mental health charity Calm after his depression overwhelmed him like never before.

On New Year’s Day he attempted to take his own life and was rushed to Colchester Hospital.

Seven days later he ran away to London.

He added: “It was very difficult and felt very dark, but I am grateful for the support I got from people who really helped me to stay positive.

“I feel a lot more positive with life now and feel like I can see a light now and I have built a good support network around me.

“But I think there needs to be a greater understanding around male mental health and autism.

“People with autism are highly likely to suffer from mental health issues because a lot of people don’t understand autism.

“So, someone like me ends up on a mental health ward, which I feel is the wrong place as we are not mentally ill, we are autistic.”

Gazette: Jake spent time on a mental health wardJake spent time on a mental health ward

Armed with a £2,500 target and a renewed outlook on life, Jake will embark on a 30 miles walk passing every Premier League football stadium in London.

Jake, from Clacton, will be accompanied by his cousin Jason Humphries, 29.

Jake said: “I really like walking, I find it calms me down a lot and settles my Asperger’s, and I love going to and watching football, in particular Arsenal.

“It’s played a huge part in my life and I’ve made so many amazing friends and done so many amazing experiences with Arsenal.

“So, it was a good way to merge both plus I am doing it with my cousin who I get on really well with, so it’s a good chance for us both to train and a nice experience to share.”

Jake is also use the walk to raise money for the National Autistic Society.

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