POLICE have destroyed four e-scooters which were being used by riders in the middle of a busy road. 

Officers from Colchester Community Policing Team seized four e-scooters last night (Monday) in White Hall Road, Colchester.

Four riders were seen using the scooters in the middle of the road heading towards the Hythe.

Just two of the scooters had lights and none of the riders were wearing safety gear.

An Essex Police spokesman said: "This kind of behaviour is not only dangerous for the rider but other road users as well.

"All four e-scooters were seized under section 165 of the Road Traffic Act due to having no insurance and on this occasion will be destroyed."

The incident comes less than two weeks after Colchester's e-scooter trail launched.

The town is the fourth place in the country chosen by e-scooter rental company Spin to have the scooters available for hire.

However, Spin's scooters have distinct bright orange branding to make them easily recognisable.

Private scooters - like the ones seized - are usually black in colour and they remain illegal to ride, except on private land.

You must have a driving licence and relevant insurance to legally ride a Spin e-scooter, and you must be 18 or over.

The scooters can operate at a maximum speed of 15.5mph.