AN NHS app could be used to display vaccination status or latest coronavirus test results, as ministers consider the ethical issues surrounding the possible introduction of vaccine passports.

Boris Johnson said today he has tasked senior minister Michael Gove with leading a review into the “deep and complex issues” surrounding “Covid status certificates”.

But it was understood that the “proper review” will also investigate whether businesses such as pubs and theatres could be prohibited from making access conditional on vaccination alone.

Current thinking was that customers required to by venue owners may be able to use the NHS Covid-19 app to prove that they have either received a jab or a recent negative test, and therefore be granted entry.

Combining the two events was understood to be one option being considered by ministers to avoid discriminating against those who decline the jab for health, or other, reasons.

The review came as the Prime Minister said he was “very optimistic” he will be able to fully remove all of England’s restrictions on June 21, but warned “nothing can be guaranteed”.