A DRUG runner described seeing a knife like “something out a horror movie” in the hours before a man was fatally stabbed.

Murdoch Brown, 31, died after he was stabbed three times in the leg in Buffett Way, Colchester, in May 2019.

A murder trial is underway at Chelmsford Crown Court.

The jury was played recorded interviews with 28-year-old John Southgate, carried out voluntarily in July and August 2020.

Mr Southgate said he had been a runner for the JR line in Colchester, operating out of addresses in Charles Pell Road and Woodrow Way, Greenstead.

On the night of the stabbing, he said he stopped serving customers at about midnight and handed over to another runner – Kaley Hodgkinson.

Gazette: Stabbed: Murdoch Brown died after the stabbing in Buffett WayStabbed: Murdoch Brown died after the stabbing in Buffett Way

After going to sleep at the Woodrow Way address, Mr Southgate said Hodgkinson arrived with a dealer he knew as Jack and a young black male.

He described Jack as the one responsible for supplying the runners, taking phone calls and bringing packets of drugs into Colchester.

“One pack would probably be about two to three grand,” he said.

“He used to come down with eight packs.”

Mr Southgate said “business was booming” for the JR line and the group were making about £4,000 per day.

He said the next morning a terrified Hodgkinson said she had to “get rid of the weapons”.

“Kaley was the one who got rid of all the weapons,” he said.

“I think she had them all bundled up in some bedsheets."

Mr Southgate was asked whether he had seen any knives.

He said he had seen the young black male, who would also be responsible for holding some of the drugs, with a knife.

“When I walked the guy from Charles Pell Road to Woodrow Way he had it with him,” he said.

“You know like horror films, they have some f****** knife made up for a horror film?

“This thing was jagged, sharp like that. It was a horrible thing.

“He was keeping it on him at all times, he would have it in the room with him – he would have it next to him.”

Toyn Williams, 29, of Winchester Road, Hale End in east London, Jay Dice, 23, of Mayville, Leytonstone, and Reece McHutcherson, 20, of Pillow Way, Buckingham are standing trial accused of murder.

Hodgkinson, 31 of Charles Pell Road, Colchester, is charged with assisting an offender.

Hodgkinson, Dice and McHutcherson are also charged with perverting the course of justice.

The trial continues.

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