A CARE home manager has said the government has given into pressure and put residents at “massive risk” after new Covid-19 guidance was announced.

It comes as part of Boris Johnson’s ‘road map’ out of lockdown which was unveiled yesterday evening.

From March 8, updated guidance will allow care home residents to nominate one regular indoor visitor.

They are allowed to hold hands with their chosen visitor who must be wearing PPE and will be tested before entry.

Hannah Futcher, manager at Springfield Residential and Nursing Homes, of Rectory Road, Copford Green, claimed the move is irresponsible.

She said: “We are now letting people in who potentially haven’t been vaccinated, it’s a massive risk.

“The staff are concerned; we’ve done so well to keep Covid out of the home and now we are inviting it in.

“Even though everyone will be lateral flow tested we are still taking a huge risk – the tests aren’t 100 per cent reliable.

“It is going to cause friction for the families as they can only nominate one person to come inside the home.

“Several of the residents have three or four children. They have to pick which child is best to come and this can’t be changed. It’s silly and it is giving into pressure.”

Mrs Futcher explained the residents miss their loved ones but understand the consequences if they were to bring the deadly virus into the building.

She added: “The residents are indifferent; they’re happy to see their families but in some cases they still won’t get a visit as their family isn’t nearby, meaning they’re at extra risk at no benefit.

“I don’t think all families get what the cost of a visit could be for their loved one and other residents and staff in the building.

“It’s good for the residents as they haven’t had anybody and will love to finally have contact with their loved ones.

“I, and they, can see the light at the end of the tunnel and we will do everything we can to ensure visits are safe so the residents can enjoy seeing family again.

“I do feel it’s the government giving in to pressure from charities and families but I understand it, people need to see their family properly.”