A PRIMARY school has been encouraging its pupils to step away from their screens in a bid to promote mindfulness and wellbeing.

The leadership team at Wix and Wrabness Primary School have created an arts and cultural education programme entitled Curious Education.

This scheme has a new strand called Curious Moments which aims to help children’s wellbeing.

As part of this, a team of staff working from home developed a mini magazine and resource pack full of ideas and activities to help pupils have a break from on-screen learning.

The editor of Mindfulness Moments, India Lindsay-Wheeler, 25, said: “The purpose of the resources is to promote mindfulness and creativity throughout the disruption to the children’s normal learning.

Gazette: Millie Robb, year one, with headwear she created using resources from her Creative Moments pack.Millie Robb, year one, with headwear she created using resources from her Creative Moments pack.

“We aim to give them time away from screens and enrich their home learning in a less conventional way, rather than always being stuck behind a computer or tablet.

“Our magazine and activities within help give the children time to connect with their families in a bid to keep them entertained too, as everyone is struggling.

“It’s also a great substitute for when a pupil’s internet goes down.

“I have really enjoyed creating the magazine and it has been beneficial for my mental health too, giving me something to focus on and have fun doing so at the same time.

“The parents have appreciated the freedom their children have had in how they learn instead of being stuck behind a screen all day, every day.”

The magazine is released biweekly, with one teacher who has key workers’ children in class, Kenny Brundle, adding the offer has led to happier and more relaxed pupils.

He added: “The children who struggle at times with more academic activities really enjoy having their day broken up with Mindfulness Moments and especially enjoy getting out into nature doing the photography.”

Vanessa Lindsay, deputy headteacher at the school, said: “The benefits of creativity for wellbeing are well documented and we are thrilled with our new Curious Moments offer.

“We are lucky to have such talented staff at our school and hope our publication, together with the resource pack, will support families in connecting together."