AN online event looking into the environmental damage caused by the fashion industry helped raise awareness last week.

65 people joined the online event, hosted by Practical Actions for Climate and the Environment (PACE) Manningtree, where they were educated on climate emissions.

Guest speaker Jo Salter, writer and founder of ‘Where does it come from?’, presented her experience of over 15 years dealing with clothing.

Following the event, she said: “We all make choices when we buy clothes and we all have our own values as to what is important.

Key facts:

  • 30 - The average number of garments bought by a person in the UK each year.
  • 7 - The average number of times people a new item of clothing doesnt get worn.
  • The production of one ordinary cotton T-shirt uses the same amount of water as an average adult would drink in 3 years

“We want our clothes to look and feel good and we all have to consider price, but many of us want to know more – where was it made? Was the planet harmed producing my clothes?

“Some brands are transparent, many are not and try to cover up.”

In a statement, PACE said: “After all is said and done, surely it is worth wearing better clothes and looking after our home, our Earth.”