HERE are the areas in Colchester which saw the highest number of reported crimes across one month.

The latest figures from Data.Police.UK revealed that Boxted Road was the top crime hotspot in the Colchester area in December, with 27 recorded incidents.

The data shows 1,750 crimes were recorded in Colchester by Essex Police, with anti-social behaviour making up 544 of those cases.

Here are the top areas with the most crime reported between December 1 to December 30.

The data provided is the approximate location of a crime, not the exact place that it occurred due to location anonymisation.

1. Boxted Road

The highest level of reported crime in December across Colchester occurred around Boxted Road, with 27 incidents.

Of those, there was one reported case of anti-social behaviour, 11 public order offences and 15 crimes involving violence or sexual offences.

2. North Station Road

A total of 11 crimes were recorded in the North Station Road area throughout the month.

Of those recorded crimes, four related to anti-social behaviour, one shoplifting and two criminal damage or arson.

One was recorded as a vehicle crime while three involved violence or sexual offences.

3. Quayside Drive

The area of Quayside Drive saw a total of 11 offences recorded in the data.

Six were anti-social behaviour related, three involved drugs and two were related to violence or sexual offence .

4. Shrub End Road

There were ten crimes recorded in the Shrub End Road area of Colchester throughout December.

One of the reported crimes involved 'vehicle crime, five were violent or sexual offences and three were related to anti-social behaviour.

One was recorded as 'other crime'.

5. Golden Noble Hill 

Ten crimes were recorded in the area of Golden Noble Hill.

Two related to anti-social behaviour, two to burglary, one criminal damage and arson, two to theft and three were recored as violence and sexual offences.

6. Hunwicke Road

Hunwicke Road saw ten crimes recorded.

The breakdown is one anti-social behaviour related case, one criminal damage and arson, one drugs, six violence and sexual offences and one 'other crime'.

7. Market Close

Of the 11 crimes recorded in the area of Market Close, four were related to anti-social behaviour, one was theft, two shoplifting and four related to violence and sexual offences.

8. The Chase

The data shows 11 crimes were recorded in The Chase, in Greenstead, throughout December.

Two were found to be drug related, two were anti-social behaviour cases, one was a public order offence and four were related to violence and sexual offences.

One was recorded as criminal damage and arson, while one was a vehicle crime.

9. Rotary Way

Of the ten crimes recorded in Rotary Way throughout December, six related to anti-social behaviour, two were vehicle crimes and there were two cases related to violence or sexual offences.

An Essex Police spokesman said: "Overall crime in Colchester continues to fall as the district remains a safe place to live, work, and study.

"In the year to the end of January, there were more than 2,100 crimes reported here – that’s a drop of 11 per cent.

"We’ve seen fewer violence with injury offences, sexual offences, robberies, burglaries, vehicle break-ins, and vehicle thefts in the last year.

"And many of these crime types were falling even before the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Throughout the pandemic our officers have continued to be out across the county, protecting and serving Essex.

"And we continue to invest to support victims, protect vulnerable people, tackle violence, and increase visibility."

The spokesman added the force is also recruiting new officers.

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