SEAFRONT landmark rivals are both pushing ahead with plans to install massive observation wheels - just yards apart.

Last year both Clacton Pavilion and Clacton Pier announced separate plans in the same week for a big wheel to mark the resort’s 150th anniversary

Clacton Pavilion this week revealed its 30-metre-high big wheel - which is currently under construction - could be in place this spring while Clacton Pier unveiled it has now submitted a planning application for its attraction.

A spokesman for the Pavilion said: “We are pleased to announce the construction process and final stages of testing are coming to an end.

“The wheel is ahead of schedule for delivery to the UK the end of February.”

He added that people and businesses will be able to sponsor one of the wheel’s 24 gondolas with a percentage of proceeds going to charity.

The attraction also expects to launch “view and dine” packages for birthdays and anniversaries, with dinner at the Pavilion’s Armstrong’s restaurant.

Clacton Pier this week said its plans have taken a major step forward.

An application has been drawn up to allow the permanent installation of a 30-metre plus observation wheel.

The plans have been submitted to Tendring Council asking permission to site the landmark within the landmark attraction’s boundary.

Structural engineers have already assessed the pier’s ability to comfortably support the ride and the initial site has been chosen.

A supplier has been confirmed who will provide the attraction, which will be ready to operate once Covid restrictions are lifted.

Pier director Billy Ball said the addition of an observation wheel has been part of the owners’ detailed business plans since taking over the attraction almost 12 years ago.

“We have now tested the water, appointed a planning consultant and put an application in to the council which we hope will receive approval,” he said.

“We must continue to invest in improving our offer to maintain visitor numbers and to sustain the revenue that is important to retain the pier as a vital heritage asset.

“The pier - which was the first building in the new town of Clacton - is 150 years old this July and the wheel, alongside other new attractions such as the new Looping Star, is a great way to mark this historic anniversary.”

Mr Ball added the wheel is a contemporary structure which complements the attractive art-deco style of the pier frontage.

“The success and longevity of attractions such as this have been proven repeatedly around the UK’s most prominent seaside towns and major city centres,” he said.

“The world’s first wheel was introduced in Chicago in 1893 and the idea has stood the test of time.

“Securing the option of permanent planning permission will be a way of further guaranteeing another 150 year of success for Clacton.”