AN amused resident saw the funny side after seeing a workman painting the white lines at a long-running roadworks scheme by hand.

Sam Burton snapped a photo of a contractor at work on the Ipswich Road scheme in Colchester.

The photo shows a workman bending down to paint the white lines on the road using a paint roller.

Mr Burton, who lives nearby, said the man was dodging traffic as he went.

"Now we know why the Ipswich Road round about is taking so long, one man diving in and out the traffic with a roller," he joked.

"We thought it was amusing.

"The roadworks in general have been a cause of amusement and bemusement over the last couple of years but this was the cherry."

Ipswich Road works

Ipswich Road works

  • Queuing traffic in Ipswich Road, Colchester

The Ipswich Road roadworks scheme is nearing completion after more than two years work.

An Essex Highways spokesperson said: “This road worker is quickly painting temporary give-way lines on the road for safety reasons as the roundabout island has been completed with new kerbs slightly further out than previous lines.

“It shows drivers where to stop to give way for Ipswich Rd roundabout traffic.

"He is working safely while a colleague stops traffic with a ‘Stop-Go board’.”

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The controversial £6.5million scheme, which will see the roundabouts in Ipswich Road and Harwich Road converted into larger single roundabouts, was originally set to be complete in December 2019.

Critics have complained about the time taken to complete the project, and on repeated setbacks.

The coronavirus pandemic also halted work on site for a month.

Ipswich road closure to the lower section causing queues in Colchester..

Ipswich road closure to the lower section causing queues in Colchester..

  • The Ipswich Road roadworks are nearing completion

Works are now almost finished, however, cracks discovered in the railway bridge next door in Cowdray Avenue will need to repaired.

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Works needed to repair the bridge are more significant than it had been hoped and now fall under a separate Cowdray Bridge repair scheme.

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Essex Highways says all of the island resurfacing has been completed at Ipswich Road and most signage has been installed.

It is clear some works are still ongoing in the area, with contractors obviously painting lines on the carriageway.

Some traffic restrictions remain in place whilst contractors work at the scene.

All traffic signals are in place and will be operational soon.

For updates about the progress of the scheme, click here.