Snow is forecast to sweep across the country this weekend during the latest cold snap.

A yellow weather warning has been put in place by the Met Office for across Essex for snow and ice.

According to the latest forecast, there is a small chance of a sleet or snow shower this afternoon in north and mid Essex.

But a more prolonged period of sleet or snow could sweep across the area tomorrow.

Colchester is set to get the most of any part of the county and could see some slightly heavier snow showers.

Here is what the forecast says for each part of north and mid Essex:


Sleet and snow is set to hit the town from about 1pm on Sunday.

There is a 35 per cent chance at the moment and a forecast snow or sleep shows will continue until at least 6pm on Sunday.

Temperatures are set to drop as low as 1c during the day and at night could drop to -2c.

Ice is set to be a big issue due to the cold temperatures so drivers should be careful on the roads.


There is a 38 per cent chance of Clacton seeing sleet and snow at some point on Sunday.

Showers could arrive at 1pm and last through the afternoon until at least 8pm.

Temperatures will be slightly higher than Colchester, with a high of 3c, but could also drop to -2c at night.


Forecasters are warning Harwich could also see some sleet and snow on Sunday.

There is a 37 per cent chance that the town will see wintery showers at some point in the day.

The cold weather could arrive at 1pm and continue through to 7pm in the evening.

A brighter day is forecast for Monday.


Sleet could start in Braintree at 1pm on Sunday as in most other towns.

This could turn into snow later in the afternoon, with some showers forecast for 4pm and further snow expected later in the evening.

Temperatures are not set to get above 2c all day on Sunday.


Halstead's forecast is very similar to neighbouring Braintree, with some sleet and snow expected from earlier Sunday afternoon.

There is a 30 per cent chance of light snow arriving in the town at about 5pm.


Maldon is set to be one of the coldest parts of Essex over the weekend.

Temperatures on Sunday won't get above 2c all day.

Snow and sleet are also predicted from 1pm in the afternoon, although there is slightly less of a chance than other parts of north and mid Essex.

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