POTHOLES have long been one of the biggest issues in Colchester for residents.

And as the town has grown dramatically in the last few decades our road network is under increasing pressure.

Essex County Council runs a huge programme of maintenance and repairs on the roads and each year members get to nominate a selection of the worst potholes in their ward.

However, despite huge investment and the promise of more from the Government, potholes still litter our streets.

But where are the worst examples in Colchester?

We asked and you duly delivered, sending us dozens of suggestions for the worst potholes in Colchester on our Facebook page.

Some roads were mentioned far more than others, with Ipswich Road and East Street seemingly the worst offenders.

Ipswich Road is of course where works continue on the controversial £6.5 million roadworks scheme, however, potholes seem to be more of an issue further towards the A12.

Gazette: Ipswich Road worksIpswich Road works

The Ipswich Road roadworks scheme is ongoing

Gazette reader Ben Colwell wasn't impressed with the state of the road at all.

He said: "Ipswich Road is like a war zone."

James Arnott said: "Ipswich Road by the speed camera at Valentine’s Drive is horrific."

Daniel Sharples said the worst areas were Ipswich Road and St John's Road.

He added: "As said on many occasions, the temporary repairs won’t last in the winter as water gets under the repair, freezes and pushes the repair out.

"They need to be cut back and resurfaced, not the crap spray stuff with a sprinkling of stones."

Richard Ford added: "Ipswich Road is a disgrace."

East Street

Gazette: The Old Siege House was situated at 75 East Street Picture: Darkstar.The Old Siege House was situated at 75 East Street Picture: Darkstar.

  • The Old Siege House in East Street

The area around East Bay in East Street was also mentioned by several residents, including Darren Lisney, owner of the Old Siege House restaurant.

He said: "The temporary repair has disintegrated and is now very dangerous, although not enough for Essex Highways to repair."

Steven Gilbert said: "The bridge outside the mill apartment and Old Siege House is awful."

Lorraine Young agreed. She said: "Before the Siege House in East Street is lethal as there are lots of potholes."

Magnolia Drive

Gazette: Magnolia Drive in GreensteadMagnolia Drive in Greenstead

  • Magnolia Drive is on the Greenstead estate

Carolyn Youngs said the top end of Magnolia Drive had a whopper of a pothole.

She joked: "I'm sure I saw a fiat 500 disappear into it.

"Also bottom end of St John's Road near zebra crossing that one ate a mini the other day."

Barnhall Avenue and Churchill Way


  • Barnhall Avenue is in Berechurch

Sarah Munson said Barnhall Avenue and Churchill Way were both particularly bad.

She said: "There's a huge slab of concrete that moves every time something drives over it.

"Despite of reporting it many times since 2016 it remains unrepaired."



  • Longridge in Colchester

Jane Evans said her husband's vans was badly damaged after driving over a pothole in Longridge.

She said: "Along Longridge near the Bromley Road end.

"My husband drove over it, the van conked out as it disrupted the computer.

"A tow and 350 quid later the van was running again."

Berechurch and Shrub End


  • Dave Harris in Berechurch Hall Road

Councillor Dave Harris, who is the Essex County Council member for Maypole, said there were a lot of issues in his ward.

But three in particular, in King George Road, Eldred Avenue and Berechurch Hall Road were causing his residents a problem.

They are all on his list for repairs.

Nightmare across the borough

Some residents didn't point out specific potholes, but more the volume of them across the borough.

Simon Moore said: "I drive round the whole town delivering daily and the whole town is completely littered with potholes, thousands of them. Horrendous."

Jake Mangiare Wall joked: "Shouldn't it be tell us where they aren't, it would be quicker."

Dawn Peacher added: "Four new tyres in a space of two weeks, two recovery pick ups from the potholes cost a fortune. Some are like craters."

Spotted any particularly bad potholes?

Send us your pictures to robbie.bryson@newsquest.co.uk.