I am writing regarding your article about the community worker that was stopped by Lidi staff from purchasing an exceptionally large number of cereal packets (Gazette, January 13, “Community worker: ‘I was humiliated by supermarket’”).

While I have sympathy that she felt humiliated, I am pleased the staff are being more robust in ensuring all customers have access to their products.

I know the article gave her side of the incident, but the staff were only doing their job (maybe a bit overzealous) in challenging times.

Lots of staff are suffering unnecessary abuse at present.


Community worker: ‘I was humiliated by Lidl supermarket’

I can also quite understand that other people in the queue would stare at her.

I would have thought the lady in question would have realised in advance that her actions may be misunderstood during these times!

When I have organised events that required lots of pre-packed sandwiches for participants, I have contacted the store I used beforehand to check that would not be a problem.

I shop in Lidl and I hope they will once again stop people shopping in pairs or family groups.

Michael Hearn

Weeley Heath