More than 180,000 Covid vaccines have been given to people in the East of England, official data has confirmed.

Vaccination data has been released for the first time and shows that in the East a total of 182,544 doses have been administered.

This figure includes first and second doses.

The data shows how many jabs were administered between December 8 and January 7.

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In the East of England the data shows:

Across England the data shows that of the 2,371,407 jabs given between December 8 and January 10, including both first and second doses.

In total in England, 1,036,605 aged 80 or over have received a first dose, while 960,699 were given to those under 80.

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Here's how many people have been vaccinated across England (1st and 2nd doses):

1. Midlands - 310,438

2. North East and Yorkshire - 310,110

3. South East - 287,045

4. North West - 226,543

5. South West - 209,583

6. East of England - 182,544

7. London - 181,388

8. Other - 1,766

Total: 1,709,417