KIND-HEARTED Keith Lynch has been wowing families with spectacular projections onto the front of his house.

The senior video editor and producer caused a stir on Stanway's Lakelands estate when Santa and Rudolph appeared at one of his bedroom windows, in Jackdaw Drive.

He followed it up with another colourful display on New Year's Eve, again starring the big man from the North Pole.

Now Mr Lynch, 56, has come up trumps with a third stunning projection to mark the Clap for Heroes initiative.

He said: "I realised everyone could do with a bit of cheering up, especially the kids.

"I had a couple of video projectors knocking around and experience of doing window projections, so thought I’d have some fun for myself and others.

"I set up a projection that appeared to show Santa preparing presents through the window, then one of Rudolph dancing.

"The whole estate loved it and we constantly had groups of people watching every night.

"Many kids insisted their parents brought them past every night."

Mr Lynch posted updates about his famous 'lodger’ on the Lakelands Stanway - Residents Community Group Facebook page.

And with his festive display proving such a hit, he managed to persuade Santa to stay a bit longer and be part of his special New Year's Eve projection.

"As no-one could celebrate with family and friends, I suggested they might want to step outdoors and have a socially-distanced drink on the street," said Mr Lynch.

"I also warned them that Santa had a direct line to Ben Big and might insist everyone sang Auld Lang Syne!"

Mr Lynch, a former student at Colchester Royal Grammar School, is now doing a Clap for Heroes projection every Thursday.

"It's a five-minute loop of animations and clips I’ve picked out from the internet and edited together, thanking all key workers for the incredible effort and hardships they’ve put themselves through for us all over the last year," he said.

"I hope the displays have entertained people in the last few weeks.

"It's been great fun and has hopefully raised a few smiles in these hard times."