TOUGHER coronavirus rules could be on the cards amid concerns “you wouldn’t think we are in lockdown.”

It is understood government ministers are considering further ways to reduce the spread of the virus.

Scientists have also raised concerns that, due to the increased transmissibility of the new strain, higher levels of compliance with the current restrictions would still not be enough to reduce the spread of the virus.

We asked Gazette readers if they thought the lockdown should be made tougher.

Many called for all but essential shops such as supermarkets to remain open.

One said: “I work in food retail, people come in several times a day - everyday, they are coming out for non-essentials such as scratch cards because it's the only place their allowed to go.

“Lots have no masks and of those that do some don't even wear them correctly (chin straps or just over mouth), also whole families come in for a few items, social distancing is almost non-existent.

“I'm really quite scared by it all, don't they care that I'm putting my loved ones at risk going to work.”

Stuart Old added: “Garden centres should be closed. Poundland should be closed only small portion of their products are essential.

“Patrols of parks and town centre to stop groups. Seen loads of school kids hanging about together so fine parents for letting kids see their friends.”

Nicola Ann said: “Limit all shops to one person only. Not families or couples.

“Obviously aware single parents may not have a choice but to take their children shopping, but no one needs to go with their whole family.”

Others raised concerns about big groups still meeting and a lack of social distancing.

Robert Hall said: “The amount of cars and people about you wouldn’t think we are in lockdown

“Nobody cares they do what they want because they can. It’s nothing like the first lockdown. The roads were empty and nobody around.”

Tracey Hoffmann said: “They have shut the schools then parents/carers are letting their teens out to meet friends in big groups!

“If we can’t understand the simple rule of staying home we don’t really stand a chance really!”

Perry Napolitano added: “Surely have to make restriction tighter.

“I go for a walk around castle park and it's full of children playing and the parents not having a care in the world. I'm not saying close castle park but maybe the play park area.

“Surely they can also close construction sites and factories as well as fast food places.”