Fines totalling around £1,500 have been handed out to revellers who attended a large New Year house party in Colchester.

Police were called to the party, on the Birch Glen estate, after reports of a gathering of around 15 people.

Police first warned party-goers and urged them to disperse, but the group returned to the address hours later to continue their celebrations.

A spokesman for Colchester's Community Policing Team said: "The majority of people across Essex have made huge sacrifices during the pandemic for the sake of public health.

"These sacrifices include foregoing New Year's Eve parties and time with friends and family.

"This was explained to the party-goers, who were initially given verbal warnings and encouraged to disperse.

"However, a few hours later they decided to return to the address and continue with their celebrations."

He added: "When police arrived at the front door for the second time, some tried to run out of the back.

"Officers had already planned for this and all of them were detained, including one on his back in the mud after a short foot chase."

Fines totalling around £1,5000 were handed out to those who attended the party, while two people were dealt with at the scene for possession of drugs.

A male was arrested on suspicion of obstruction of a constable after he refused to provide his details.

He remains under investigation.