CONCERN is growing for the welfare of a teenage girl who ran away from home more than two days ago.

Olivia Slater, 14, is believed to have left her mother’s home in Manor Road, Dovercourt, between 5am and 7am on Tuesday.

The girl, who attends the Harwich and Dovercourt High School, has been described as being about 5ft tall and of slim build.

She is said to have gone missing on at least two separate occasions in the past but this time her parents say she left them a note.

The worrying letter featured an apology in addition to a claim that she was heading to Halifax to “sort myself out” having ended a relationship.

Olivia’s heartbroken father, Michael Slater, says he has only had three hours of sleep since she left and remains worried sick.

He said: “I cling to the hope she will be found safe and well but we have not heard from her at all and she purposely did not take her phone with her.

“I haven’t slept much at all and I am not eating.

“It is getting harder day by day to accept that she has gone.”

Like her father, Olivia’s mother, Sammy Smith, is also becoming increasingly distressed by her daughter’s ongoing disappearance.

She said: “I am getting more worried about her welfare and safety and most of the day I am just in tears.

“It is the worst feeling you can have, not knowing where your child is.”

Olivia, who has two older brothers and one older sister, is suspected to be with a 15-year-old boy.

Her parents believe the runaway accomplice to be her boyfriend.

“She was just a normal girl who would sit in her room or hang out with her friends,” added Mr Slater, of St Osyth Road, Clacton.

“But I think her boyfriend is a bad influence and has changed her personality and made her leave us.

“I just want my daughter to come back home.”

Essex Police are continuing to investigate the disappearance.

The force is urging anyone with information to contact them by calling 101.