How I do agree with Colin Burns (Gazette Letters, December 23, “Sticking to rules is not a real hardship”).

Soap is not rationed, man up everyone, wash your hands regularly, wear a mask like the Lone Ranger and keep your distance to keep everyone safe.

Is that too difficult to do?

The hospitals and the NHS are at breaking point, because of selfish and irresponsible people who think the rules regarding the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus don’t apply to them.

Will these selfish people choose not to use an ambulance if one has to be called for a member of their family, or refuse a hospital bed because they are sick through ignoring the guidelines? No, of course not, they will demand medical attention.

Just maybe the thought of no emergency treatment being available, might make them think washing hands and making space was a good idea in line with Government guidelines.

Jenny Royce

Branscombe Close, Frinton