OUR recent forgotten pubs features continue to resonate with readers.

Although many of these watering holes are long gone, you may remember the days when they provided a welcome pit-stop for the thirsty folk of Colchester.

After our last spread, we received this lovely letter from reader Tony Ashby.

He wrote: "The Gazette features on public houses in Colchester really brought a smile to my face and many memories of drinking in them (Gazette, November 30, “The Gaiety was used as sleepover place for striking Yorkshire miners”).

"Of course, throughout my life, I have been known to have just a small libation in a few.

"In the 60s, my duties on the Royal Mail included a second delivery on a bike that started in Magdalen Street, which included the first pub on that delivery, number 14, the Prince of Wales.

"In those days there were more pubs from there via Barrack Street to the bottom of Hythe Hill than I could count on the fingers of both hands.

"Then there were those in the streets off the main road.

"I will just mention 127 Magdalen Street, in those days the Bakers Arms, because back in the 1800s a relation, a baker by trade, started his business there and later started a beer house there. Hence the name.

"There was a row of cottages at the rear known as Bakers Cottages.

"One other was a pub that closed many years before then was 103 Hythe Hill, the Swan.

"There used to be a swan etched into the plaster above the door. I wonder if it is still there?

"One day, on my return to the sorting office, I was later than scheduled and the inspector said to me: 'You’re late, why?' I answered: 'Well, there was the Duke of York, the Barley Mow, the Lord Nelson, the Queens Head, the Foundry Arms'.

"Trying not to laugh, he asked me politely, of course, to go away!

"I wonder how many folk remember the little shop that sold beer in Northgate Street. It was between The Cut and West Stockwell Street.

"More memories please."

Here is our latest round of photos, all courtesy of Dark Star. 

The Live and Let Live

Gazette: Room with a brew - The Live and Let Live was in Osborne Street Picture: DARKSTARRoom with a brew - The Live and Let Live was in Osborne Street Picture: DARKSTAR

The Old Siege House, East Street

The Recreational Hotel 


The Roman Urn, in Roman Road


The Royal Oak was in Harwich Road


The Royal Oak was in East Stockwell Street​


The Saracens Head was in High Street


The Sea Horse, in High Street. Picture: EDWARD TAYLOR


The Packet was on Hythe Hill