THE first snow of winter brought a blanket of white to people across Colchester and north Essex.

RESIDENTS awoke to the stunning sight of snow blanketed over the county on Friday morning.

Forecasters had predicted the potential for snowfall in Essex on Thursday evening, but many remained sceptical.

However many awoke on Friday morning to find a wintery wonderland across north Essex. became a reality, generating giddy excitement throughout towns and villages.

Many opted to marvel at the glistening sheets of chilly white from the warmth of their own homes, while others revelled in the full experience.

Darius Laws, from Colchester, decided to swap his bicycle route for a wondrous trek through the country park.

He said: “I normally cycle three miles from Colchester’s north station to Severalls Business Park.

“But, spurred on by my three-year-old’s excitement, I decided to put some walking shoes on and made the walk to work.

“I realise for some car drivers there were delays, but perhaps those who can walk, and cycle should do it more and enjoy the exercise, thinking time, and the scenery. Walking through Highwoods was just magical.”