A GROUP of brave fundraisers are set to take a dip in the freezing cold waters of the North Sea this winter in a bid to help people with Motor Neurone Disease.

Six members of the Motor Neurone Disease Association’s Colchester and north-east Essex group will be taking a dip in the sea off Frinton on December 13 to raise money for the charity.

Anne Lipscomb, who lost her husband John at the age of 57 to the incurable condition in 2008, helps to lead the fundraising group.

She said: “Obviously fundraising has to be a bit different at the moment, but the charity came up with a list of ideas for winter fundraisers this year and people seemed to like the idea of a December dip.

“Sadly, we’re not encouraging people to join us on the day as we need to stick to coronavirus guidelines, which is why there is six of us.

“But we are happy if others want to do their own dip on a different day or in a different location.”

The group is run entirely by volunteers and works to provide support to people with Motor Neurone Disease in Colchester and Tendring and their families.

As well as having four visitors who attend homes across north Essex, they also host social activities and advice sessions for patients and carers.

The money raised from the fundraiser will help them continue their good work, as well as go towards the national charity’s efforts finding a cure for the devastating condition.

Mrs Lipscomb said: “We are a small group but we are an active one.

“It is such a lovely, close-knit group to be a part of and we are great friends.“Some years we raise more than others, but this year pretty much everything we were planning had to be called off.

“We try to help people with their wellbeing more than anything.

“People have been quite strapped for cash because of Covid, so we already set up an emergency fund.

“The charity is needed now as much as it has ever been.”

She added: “I have no doubt they will find a cure eventually and we will be here in the mean time.”

The group is accepting donations to its winter appeal, which has raised almost £2,000, with £700 so far from the December dip.

Donate at justgiving.com/fundraising/covid-19mndacolchester.