CONCERNING Boris Johnson’s announcement about the threetier system and that they are going to be a bit more stringent (Gazette, November 24, “Boris unveils his winter plan for Covid”).

So in this area, keep your fingers cross we are in Tier 1 and not 2.

If it is Tier 2, it will be another nail in the small independent pubs.

For example, if I wish to go to my local to to have a drink, I will have to have a substantial meal with it.

Say for argument’s sake, I wish to go to the pub on a Sunday before my roastie or even afterwards, I certainly do not want another meal.

That will certainly stop me going to the pub and that applies to every other day of the week.

I cannot see what difference it makes if I am sitting down just having a drink, as I am still in the same environment if I was just drinking or eating.

David Cole

Prettygate, Colchester