As Christmas fast approaches everyone I starting to think about their big Christmas shop.  

But with coronavirus continuing to cause chaos across the country we could see high streets and supermarkets look a lot quieter this year as more people opt to do their shopping online.  

Online delivery slots are in such high demand that Tesco, one of the UK’s leading supermarket chains, has issued advice online to their customers. 

“We’re experiencing high demand for slots around Christmas,” the online statement reads.  

“We’re sorry if you’re not able to book your preferred slot. Take a look at the following tips to help you manage your Christmas shopping with Tesco.” 

The supermarket giant offers a range of alternatives for shoppers. 

Tesco’s Click+Collect service offers slots up to a week before Christmas for just £1.50 where there is usually more availability. 

For peace of mind, you could start your shopping now and select the week before christmas to collect your goods.  

Gazette: Supermarket giants - Tesco and Sainsbury’s can absorb the cost of fuel increasing because of their size. (26865-2 & 43492-a)

Tesco have also provided a list of top tips for stress-free ordering. 

Booked a delivery slot but aren’t ready to make your full order?

"No problem, you can just add a couple of items and check out to secure your slot. Then come back when you’re ready to finish your order and check out again.

"Just make sure you make your final amends and check out by 11.45pm on the day before your delivery.

"The only exception is for Festive Food to Order items, which you must check out by 14 December.

Amend your order as many times as you like

"There’s no limit to the number of times you can amend your order. The one thing to remember is, if you’ve made a change, you’ll need to check out again.

"We only charge for the order on the day of delivery, so you don’t have to worry about being charged every time you check out.

Check out Festive Food to Order items by 14 December

"If you have any Festive Food to Order items in your Christmas basket, you'll need to check them out by 11.45pm on 14 December.

"You can still amend other items that aren't part of Festive Food to Order until 11.45pm on the day before your delivery. But you won't be able to amend a Festive Food to Order item unless you want to remove it completely.

"Also, to make sure you get your order, please avoid changing your slot date.