ARTISTS will be showcasing their work in an online exhibition.

The Colchester Art Society, which has been running since 1946, will be holding their Christmas exhibition until December 19..

A spokesman for the society said it was important to continue despite people not being able to see the exhibits physically.

He said: "This Christmas exhibition consists mostly of work done this year, paintings, prints and 3D works covering every thing from abstract, detailed almost photographic, oils, acrylics, print and fabric from the imaginary to portraits of particular places.

"To have an exhibition like this online, demonstrates that while the UK is in lockdown people still have been inspired and productive, working through the isolation and then sharing with others the end results - not just stand back and be static but to be encouraging, inspirational to others who may be new to art. Anything goes.

"While we may get reality exhibitions in a gallery where more of the texture and 3D effects show up, at least online exhibitions let the world know all sorts of artistically inclined people, those of Colchester Art Society for instance, still have the 'get up and try it' instinct despite everything."

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