FEARS have been raised drivers ignoring road markings at a new roundabout could lead to a serious accident.

Contractors working on the Ipswich Road roadworks have completed works at the Harwich Road roundabout.

But some motorists fear fellow drivers are ignoring lane markings and chevron areas.

One driver said: “I have seen many near misses already.

“Cars are using the inner most lane which actually has white lines painted in it.

“The lines indicate it is not meant to be used but to save themselves from queuing, cars are using this as an extra lane.

“I can see many accidents happening.”

The driver questioned if new signs would be put in place at the roundabout to tell drivers about new layout.


Kevin Bentley, Essex County Council’s cabinet member for infrastructure, said the roundabout was designed according to Higways England standards and the situation was being monitored.

He said: “The Harwich Road roundabout is being monitored and observed to be running safely.

“Unfortunately some road users occasionally ignore the markings.


“Generally drivers observe the highway code and what we have watched is that drivers only run over the chevroned area around the roundabout when traffic builds up on the westbound lane heading away from Harwich Road roundabout towards Ipswich Road roundabout.

“The design and its operation is subject to independent safety audit and that will continue now that it is fully operational.

“If any changes are needed, they will be implemented.”

The completion of project has been delayed into next year after serious safety issues were found on the bridge over the railway line in Ipswich Road.

Cracks were found and are currently being methodically investigated on site.

The much-maligned £6.5 million project to turn the double roundabouts in Ipswich and Harwich roads into two single roundabouts was initially due to be completed by December 2019.

But it suffered a number of setbacks including when staff had to stop work due the coronavirus pandemic.

An exact date for when the project will be complete has not yet been announced.

Updates are available at www.essex.gov.uk/majorschemes.