AN exceptionally high tide saw lifeboat crews called out after concerned passersby feared a man was stranded at a tower.

Water levels rose on Thursday afternoon with the landmark Bateman’s Tower in Brightlingsea cut off by the tide.

Onlookers feared for the safety of a man seemingly stuck close to the structure and called 999.

The team from Clacton RNLI was called out, however the man - believed to be an experienced fisherman - was happy to wait it out as water levels fell back to a passable level.

Gazette camera club member Stephen Johnson took these images of the drama at high tide.

He described the incident as an “almost rescue.”

“I believe a fisherman was waiting out the tide and a worried onlooker called the emergency services,” he said.

“There was a rescue mission at Bateman’s Tower.

“Well, almost rescued.”

Problems were also reported with high tides in Mersea.

Patient drivers had to wait to cross The Strood with water levels crossed the road for an hour and a half longer than anticipated.

Coast Road at the edge of the island was totally submerged with daring sailors able to float their boats on the water where you would usually expect to see cars.

Others used a paddleboard to work their way around the island where parts had been taken over by water.

The high tide came within inches of damaging beach huts but thankfully, stopped just short.

Earlier this year, a combination of a high tide and huge storm caused damage to more than 100 beach huts in Brightlingsea.

Storm Ciara, led to drivers becoming trapped on The Strood and the flooding problems with the structures swept from their standings by water and strong winds.

Tendring Council has embarked on a complex project in a bid to return them back to their original position.