STUDENTS and staff members at a primary school in Colchester are having to self-isolate after a “member of the school community” tested positive for Covid-19.

Myland Primary School, in Mill Road, has recorded a positive coronavirus case, resulting in pupils and employees now having to quarantine.

According to the educational institution, the case is an isolated incident and has only affected one ‘bubble’, which could be an entire class.

Parents and carers have now been informed and remote learning is being arranged for students who will have to work from home.

Debbie Griggs, headteacher of Myland Primary School, said the safety and wellbeing of the her students and staff is paramount. 

She said: “From the moment we were informed of the positive test, all response processes and procedures advised by the local authority and Public Health England were enacted.

“Following a swift and thorough investigation we have advised the pupils and staff members in the bubble concerned to self-isolate due to the fact that there is a chance they may have been in close contact with the individual.

“We have communicated these measures to parents and carers and are providing remote learning to the children self-isolating.

“This is an isolated incident which has only affected this bubble. All other pupil bubbles are in school and no further action has been taken. We are closely monitoring the situation.

“The health and wellbeing of our pupils and staff is of the utmost concern. We understand that this development means additional disruption for some children and their parents, but we must take appropriate action to ensure their safety and prevent future spread of the virus.”