Martin Lewis has issued a warning to shoppers embarking on their Christmas shopping.

More and more people are shopping online this year - partly out of convenience but mainly because of the second lockdown and restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Black Friday is also looming next Friday - November 27 - and millions of pounds will be spent as customer strive to get their presents bought heading into December.

However, Mr Lewis says shoppers should be aware of their rights if they need to return anything and issued a warning on Monday's edition of This Morning.

Caller Ashton asked the finance expert: "With the current Covid lockdown restriction on retail, it seems a lot of people are choosing to buy Christmas presents slightly early this year and online.

Gazette: Martin Lewis speaking on ITV's This MorningMartin Lewis speaking on ITV's This Morning

"As far as I'm aware you can't request a gift receipt online. What are our rights to return or exchanges for things that are unsuitable and have been purchased online?"

Mr Lewis replied: "What a question. Let's start with the basics."

He continued: "What is a gift receipt?

"Well, currently the rules are that only the person who purchased it has a right to return.

"So if you give someone a gift they can't return it unless they have a gift receipt that gives them that right.


"If you were doing an online return the process means the gift would have to go back to the person who bought it, so I think the gift receipt element is a bit for a red herring."

Mr Lewis went on to explain your rights if you buy Christmas presents online.

He said: "The real issue here is how long you have to return gifts online.

"In store you have no right to return unless the shop allows it or the product is faulty.

"Goods bought online, unless they are perishable or personalised, you have an absolute right to return and you have 14 days with which to notify them of your intent to return and then a further 14 days to send it back, so maximum is 28 days.

"A lot of people think the maximum is 28 days, that's not the case, if you tell them you're returning it after three days you have 14 days to return it.

"If you bought it online you actually have more rights."