A TEAM of thrillseekers took the plunge from 13,000ft to raise more than £15,000 for charity – with a little help from Olly Murs.

Dare-devils from Witham recruitment firm Prime Appointments travelled to Beccles in Suffolk to take part in a sponsored skydive for the Alzheimer’s Society.

The terrified team – aged 22 to 65 and including company directors Peter Holmes and Chris van Aalst – were taken up to 13,000ft before leaping out of the plane.

The jump was originally meant to take place for Dementia Action Week in May, but was postponed until now because of the lockdown.

The company set its sights on raising £100,000 for the charity two years ago.

Alzheimer's is close to the firm's heart after co-founder Margaret Locke was diagnosed with the condition a decade ago at the age of just 51.

At first she was able to continue working but her condition gradually deteriorated and she is now living in a care home.

Marketing and design executive Rebecca Clarke said: "The sad and cold reality of dementia has been seen first hand by the team and most notably managing director Robyn Holmes, as she has watched her best friend Margaret deteriorate.

"Ten years later Margaret lives full time in a care home, barely able to recognise her closest family members, let alone the team who she grew and managed."

Robyn said:“Our mission is to make people more aware, more understanding, to support people and families with Alzheimer’s and raise as much as we can to fund research and support facilitates.

"We’re two years in and we’ve nearly raised £40,000. We hope that others will read our story and join us in the fight against dementia.”

The skydivers were terrified ahead of their death-defying jump.

Rebecca said:"Two of them are petrified of heights but they had a bet between them."

The team had hoped to raise £4,000 with the parachute jump but smashed their target, broking the £15,000 barrier.

Big-hearted popstar and TV presenter Olly Murs is believed to have made a whopping £2,000 anonymous donation to the appeal.

Rebecca said:"Olly used to work here when we were in Witham High Street and he knew Margaret.

"He followed us on Twitter to get us more followers – he's a legend!"

To donate to the appeal go to justgiving.com/fundraising/prime-3000.