A SPECIAL police operation has seen officers crackdown on motorists attempting to jump the queue at a notoriously busy roundabout.

Officers from Colchester's community policing team conducted a traffic operation on Cowdray Avenue following concerns raised by the public.

The crackdown was done to prevent motorists using the emergency only lane leading up to Ipswich Road roundabout.

The roundabout is undergoing a major redevelopment and restrictions have been put in place to ensure emergency vehicles can get through traffic.

Officers said they spoke to a "handful" of drivers who defied the rules and used the emergency lane.

Each motorist stopped was handed a section 59 warning - given when a vehicle has caused distress or annoyance to members of the public.

Anyone who is served with a second section 59 warning can have their vehicle seized.

In a statement posted on Facebook after the operation, officers were scathing of drivers caught breaking the rules.

They said: "This lane has been in effect for around six months now and there are still two signs in place.

"If you still haven’t noticed these signs maybe you should have a little sit and think about whether you are paying enough attention when you are driving.

"We are pleased to report that a much lower proportion of vehicles were misusing the lane compared to previous operations we have conducted.

"However, a handful of drivers still seemed to think they were a fire engine or other emergency services vehicles and used the lane to jump the queue and cut back in."

The officers added: "Keeping the theme from previous operations on this stretch of road, one driver decided to draw attention to himself when he really shouldn't have by warning other motorists of the police presence.

"The male was stopped and not only was he not insured to drive his vehicle he already had 12 points on his license.

"His vehicle was seized, he will receive fines in the region of £450 and the additional points on his license will mean he will be disqualified from driving."