CONTRACTORS are set to find out the level of damage to a railway bridge which paused part of the Ipswich Road works.

In May it was discovered repairs were needed to the Cowdray Avenue rail bridge.

It was uncovered during vital piling works which saw Ipswich Road south closed.

But until repair work could be done work to complete the Ipswich Road roundabout had to be stopped.

In an update contractors said surveys on the bridge area when planned in the next few weeks.

It said: "Before we can finalise the Ipswich Road roundabout works we first need to complete the necessary Cowdary Bridge works.

"We now have total access to the railway side of the structure and are working on the best method of dismantling the parapet and pilaster.

"Surveys are planned over the next few weeks that will inform us of the level of damage and we will provide updates as soon as we can."

The Harwich Road roundabout up to Ipswich Road roundabout is now "substantially completed" but will require some road closures before it is finished.

The update added: "We will be looking to surface all of the islands and the Harwich Road roundabout over a period of three nights.

"This will commence from October 26 until October 29.

"This will involve localised road closures, various lane closures and multiphase traffic lights.

"Fully signed diversions will be in place during these works."

The project to turn the double roundabouts into two single roundabouts was initially due to be completed by December 2019.

But it suffered a number of setbacks including when staff had to stop work due the coronavirus pandemic.