A SKATEBOARDING yob was hit with a £200 fine after inadvertently approaching plain clothed police officers.

Officers from Colchester Police's community team were patrolling car parks on Wednesday when the man on the board rolled towards an unmarked patrol car not once but twice.

As he was in a group of more than six people, officers handed him a fixed penalty notice for breaching the coronavirus rule of six guidelines.

The others ran off before they could be approached.

A spokesman for the community team said: "The man rode his skateboard directly at the unmarked patrol car, seemingly in a silly game of chicken.

"Not content doing this once, the man then did the same thing again.

"As if this was not bad enough, he was also in a group of more than six.

"He got quite a surprise when officers got out of the car and he was given a £200 fine for breaching the rule of six."