AN Essex location is currently starring on primetime TV.

Osea Island, near Maldon, is the setting for Sky’s psychological thriller, The Third Day.

The show stars Oscar-nominated Hollywood actor Jude Law.

Around 200 cast and crew worked on the island - which is referenced in the show - for four weeks last autumn, as part of the production.

Speaking to the Gazette during the shoot, a spokesman for Osea Island said it had been a “real pleasure” to host this “amazing project”.

He said: “It is not something we have ever done before, but we have met some fascinating people and learnt a great deal about the crazy and complex world of big-budget television productions.

“A huge amount of respect and care was shown and we are incredibly grateful for how considerate the film crew were of the natural beauty and privacy of the island.”


On set - Jude Law was spotted filming for his new TV show, which is currently been shown on Sky. Picture: DAVID JOHNSON

Film crews were seen in the area working on the drama - a thriller directed by BAFTA award-winner Marc Munden.

Set on a mysterious island off the coast of Britain, Law’s character is thrown into the unusual world of secretive inhabitants.

The premise of the show is that every year the island holds a festival - Esus and the Sea.


Sharing a joke - cast and crew working on The Third Day set up camp at Osea Island Picture: DAVID JOHNSON

It marks the passing into adulthood of the children of the island.

Each year, a boy or girl is chosen to take the path of Esus.

However, on special years, when the island needs a new leader, the prospective 'father' also undergoes the trial.



They too take the path of Esus, to ensure they are fit to lead the island and that the island accepts them.

Osea Island certainly looks mysterious and suspenseful and the show is filmed to capture events live and in one continuous take.

The Third Day consists of three separate but interconnected stories that all take place on the island – Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Summer was launched on September 15 and Winter premiered on Sky on Tuesday night.


Picture: DAVID JOHNSON. Pictures below: SKY