WE'VE got a real 'Brucie bonus' for you in today's Gazette.

Given the popularity of our selfies feature, we launched a hunt for the best celebrity lookalikes.

We want to know if you're the spitting image of a famous face from television, music or sport.

Or maybe it's more of a passing resemblance - someone your friends and family say you look like.

First up is a demon doppelganger in the shape of Alan Foster... or is it legendary entertainer and gameshow host Sir Bruce Forsyth?


Lookalike - Alan Foster is the spitting image of Bruce Forsyth

Having seen these pictures, you won't be surprised to know that Alan, from Jaywick, is known locally as 'Bruce'.

It's a striking resemblance and lovely to hear than Alan, 87, played his cards right earlier this year when meeting partner Lyn Hutchins, 77.

The pair are both widowed and live opposite each other, in Paul’s Way.

"I organised a socially-distanced VE Day get-together for six of my neighbours back in May," said Lyn.


  • All right my loves? - Alan Foster and wife Lyn

"Alan and I often pass each other on our daily walks and, at the end of the day, he asked whether I would consider walking with him.

"We would at least have each other’s company.

"I agreed and now we're companions and so very happy."


Good game, good game - the real Bruce Forsyth

We love seeing your pictures and hope to keep printing the best doppelgangers in north Essex.

Either send us details here, attach a picture below or email matt.plummer@newsquest.co.uk