VILLAGERS are up in arms after plans to build eight fossil fuel free eco-homes were revealed.

2008 Angora Bare Trusts has unveiled plans to create the properties on land adjacent to Copford Village Hall, in Church Road, as part of a new estate called Grenestrete.

If approved, each of the eight properties - two three-bedroom, four two-bedroom and two one-bedroom homes - will be capable of delivering better than net zero carbon emissions, boasting solar rooftops and electric charging ports on every driveway.

The developer also plans to add an additional 31 parking spaces for the village hall as well as creating a new public footpath in the village.


  • How the Grenestrete development could look 

A planning report states: “This is a development designed to achieve a potential future off-grid existence for energy and potentially water if necessary. In so doing, the development anticipates resource constraints in a post-hydrocarbon era.

“This is an era in which finite resources, such as fossil fuels, will no longer be the primary source of energy and will have become uneconomical for general use.”

As well as solar panels and electric car charging points, the homes’ building materials have thermal insulation, meeting the highest energy SAP rating possible.

Trees, hedges and shrubbery will also be introduced in bid to increase biodiversity in the area.


  • The homes would be surrounded by plants

However, since the plans were submitted to Colchester Council dozens of objections have been submitted by residents.

One said the homes would “spoil the entire village and its rural setting”.

They added: “The proposed site is near Copford School where over 200 pupils attend and the road is busy at drop off and pick up times and a further development would lead to a higher risk of an accident which could lead to injury or death of school children.”

“Whilst we appreciate new houses in some areas where appropriate are essential, the location for these houses is not an appropriate location in any way and therefore we object very strongly to the application being approved.”


  • The developer wants permission to build eight eco-homes

Another objector said the plans were “completely out of keeping” with the other homes in the area.

They added: “Various forms of wildlife will be disturbed. The doctors, school and roads are completely inadequate as is. This planning proposal is a terrible idea.”

Colchester Council will have the final say on the plans.