A WOMAN flagged down and spat at a paramedic at the height of the coronavirus pandemic after bizarrely asking whether the medics wanted to abduct her.

The ambulance crew were travelling along Rosebury Avenue, Colchester, in May to an unrelated incident when they were flagged down by Semadar Crane.

Believing the woman was distressed, they pulled over and Crane asked whether they were going to take her away.

After one of the paramedics denied that was the case, Crane spat at her with her saliva landing on her arm.

The paramedic was not wearing protective equipment at the time and had to be called off her shift temporarily to clean up and speak to the police.

Days later, officers were again called after Crane, of no fixed address, was at a hotel in Marks Tey and demanding a place to stay for the night.

Police diffused the situation and conveyed her back to Colchester Police Station.

But when they began to search her belongings, she warned then a knife was in her handbag.

They then uncovered the blade.

After being arrested and released, a room was found for Crane at a Travelodge in Chelmsford.

Police were called yet again after she refused to leave and she then kneed them in the groin.

The 34-year-old was convicted of assaulting the paramedic following a trial and admitted possession of the knife and assaulting the officers.

Nick Wayne, mitigating, at Chelmsford Crown Court said: “She was homeless and in a state of some distress at the time.”

A mental health report said it was unclear whether Crane was suffering from any psychological disorders but urged her to seek a fuller report upon release.

Judge Timothy Walker jailed her for eight months, however, Crane has been in custody since June 1, meaning she is likely to be released within days having served half her sentence.

He said: “Paramedics should not be subjected to being spat at at any time, but this is obviously aggravated during the Covid pandemic.”