ZOOKEEPERS have welcomed a host of new arrivals in the last month.

Colchester Zoo has been celebrating the babies which all arrived in August.

It includes a baby Coppery Titi monkey.

It is the second arrival for mum Whiskey and dad Colby.

A spokesman said: "This species can be quite timid, but the Animal Care Team have been monitoring the family closely and the new arrival is doing well.

"Mum Whiskey carried the baby for a gestation period of around 160 days and although she is responsible for nursing the baby for the first few months, it is dad Colby who has been happily taking on the role of carrier for the majority of the time."

Titi monkeys are native to Brazil and known as an arboreal species spending most of their time high up in the trees.

The zoo's Victoria crowned pigeon family has also expanded.

The pair welcomed a new arrival which hatched on August 25 joining mum, Violet and dad, Ozzy.

The duo had previously welcomed seven chicks with their 2019 offspring still at the Maldon Road attraction.

Victoria crowned pigeons have a spectacular crest of lacy feathers on their heads, from which they get their name and are the largest pigeons in the world.

A spokesman said: "Once paired these pigeons will usually stay together for life, Ozzy and Violet are a very good example of this and have been a very successful breeding pair.

"A female, such as mum Violet, will lay a single egg which both mum and dad will incubate for around 30 days in nest."

The zoo has also welcomed three new species to its Kingdom of the Wild exhibit.

It includes yellow-headed day geckos, Blue-legged mantella and a Fire skink.

Yellow-headed geckos are tiny reptiles which live in forests of Madagascar and like to eat insects, fruit, and nectar.

Blue-legged mantella are frogs from Madagascar, living in seasonal streams and wet canyons.

Fire skinks are red and orange in colour, hence their name, and can be found in the tropical forests of West Africa.