SOMEWHERE there is a hilarious collection of all the clips of Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock reassuring us about test, trace and isolate.

The reality is repeated failures of the Government.

This Government has a naïve belief in the wonders of the private sector – even the more dubious parts of it that have no obvious capability.

The Government has broken its own procurement rules by awarding contracts without proper oversight, without performance criteria and proper penalty clauses.

Many millions of pounds have been wasted.

Investment in public services would have been better, faster and cheaper than using private companies.

And this highly centralised government continues its hostility to local government – they expect councils to solve the problems the government creates, but without giving the councils the powers or the funding necessary.

The national failure to be prepared for Covid, despite the clear warnings, led to this country having some of the worst outcomes.

Richard Bourne

Stoneleigh Park, Colchester