A GRANDFATHER who is in a coma in a Spanish hospital faces living out his days in a foreign care home unless his family can raise thousands of pounds to fly him home.

Gary Cotton, 57, lives on his own in Harwich, and once the coronavirus travel restrictions had been lifted, he decided to book a holiday to Marbella with a group of friends.

On the final night of his trip, Mr Cotton climbed an 8ft fence in a bid to gain access to his hotel room after leaving his key with his roommates.

It is then believed he lost his footing before plummeting to the ground and landing on his head, leaving him unconscious with blood coming from his nose and ears.

After being spotted by a holidaying couple, an ambulance was called, and Mr Cotton was transported to a specialist hospital in Malaga where he has remained since August 29.

Having suffered brain damage, the former carpenter was placed in an induced coma and required round-the-clock care as his body was unable to function without assistance.


His family, including his heartbroken daughter Carly Plume, 35, who is 16-weeks pregnant, was told at first there was nothing the doctors could do.

“I was in shock, you don’t know what to do, and it was hard to get information because the hospital staff do not speak English,” said Carly.

“Breaking the news to my 84-year-old nan was awful because she has already lost her other son and it looked like she could lose him as well.

“She is in a state and we are all finding it difficult to even think straight now.”

Earlier this week, however, Mr Cotton’s family, including his five grandchildren and second daughter, were told he longer required pain killers and was breathing on his own.

But because he remains in a coma, he now requires more care than medical intervention, which hospital bosses say is not their responsibility.

Carly added: “We were told he needs to leave and either they would put him in a care home in Spain or we pay for a private air ambulance to bring him home.

“We want to get him home but we cannot afford the costs of an air ambulance. It’s heart-breaking. “

Carly is now desperately trying to raise £20,000 to bring her father back to the UK.

To donate, visit justgiving.com/crowdfunding/helptogetgaryhome.