A HOMELESS hero is giving back to the community which changed his life after completing a gruelling 24-hour bike ride for charity.

Bob Oath, 32, has been homeless for more than seven years, but was given shelter at the Dorrington Hotel in the town when lockdown hit.

Following a Facebook appeal, residents of the town showed an outpouring of support for Bob, supplying him with bags full of food, clothing and even a cooker.

Now he’s working to give back to the town which helped him in his time of need.

First, Halstead residents were shocked after Bob worked tirelessly to clean up nearly 100 bin bags full of rubbish left in a field off Box Mill Lane by travellers.

Now Bob has taken things a step further by completing a 24-hour bike ride for Halstead Royal British Legion.

While 80 per cent of the funds raise will go the legion, 20 per cent will go to Bob’s own charity Oath, with aims to support the homeless.

The ride ran from midday on Sunday to midday on Monday and saw Bob riding around the town, but unable to get off his BMX for the day.

He also kept everyone up to date my posting live videos on his Facebook page.

He said: “Three hours in I was absolutely knackered. I wanted to get to my next live video because it proved I was doing it, but also as it helped me get through each hour.

“Night time was horrific. It was like if you were driving while really tired - I struggled to keep my bearings.

“It was hard. At the end of it I couldn’t stand up and I still have jelly legs now.

“A highlight really was seeing people cheer me on knowing they’ve donated and they actually care.

“I went to a Costcutter on my bike and the guy there actually let me in on my bike and went round opening fridges for me. He even gave me a 50 per cent discount.

“Some people say ending homelessness is impossible, but people probably told the guy who built the Eiffel Tower it was impossible.”

Bob has been collecting donations using sign up sheets dotted around the town, including one at the Dorrington.

While a full tally of donations won’t be completed until this weekend, Bob hopes to raise £800 and estimates he’s already raised about £150.

Bob has also started a just giving page which you can visit at justgiving.com/crowdfunding/paul-moyse-2?utm_term=XDBp3g5n3.