FUMING dog walkers have challenged the council over how often it uses “harmful weed killer” to maintain the district’s green spaces.

In June, more than 350 concerned pet owners signed a petition calling on Tendring Council to revise its use of a Glyphosate-based weed killer.

The spray is used by authorities across the country but is controversial due to the potential risks.

The campaign, spearheaded by Frinton residents such as Helen Badham, 56, was launched after several dogs became ill following walks on the town’s Greensward.

At the time, Tendring Council said its use of the weed killer is in line with national guidelines and said there was no evidence to suggest it causes harm to dogs.

Miss Badham, who owns a half-poodle, half-Cypriot terrier, called Molly, says the spray has been used again, which she says goes against what she was told.

“The council assured me they only spray twice a year, between March and the end of June or early July,” she said.

“I am fuming, and I just feel so let down, because I was looking forward to a good few months of lovely walks with my dog before March arrived.

“I now have the inconvenience of having to get in my car and walk my dog somewhere else where the spray is not used.”

Miss Badham initially voiced her concerns about the weed killer when her pet pooch started vomiting after a stroll on Frinton Greensward.

An expensive trip to the vets followed which, she says, Tendring Council must be more mindful of.

She added: “I am frightened to take my dog down there now for a week as the effects last longer than they say.”

“I feel the council do not care and I am not even safe on the pavements now because of this harmful weed killer.

“It is such as nuisance and can be so costly to people whose pets get ill from it, like mine did.”

A spokesman for Tendring Council has now reiterated when it applies weed killer to the area.

“We weed kill all of the roads twice a year, in June and September or thereabouts.

“It can alter slightly due to weather or other factors, but those are the main targets.

“However, we also spray some of our open space greensward areas between mid-March and mid-April.

We also apply weed killer to sports pitches as required.”