A DRUG addict robbed her former neighbour who had previously been kind enough to lend her money, as a teenager held a knife to her face.

Kelly Luckhurst, 33, took the 64-year-old victim’s electronic tablet, purse and diary as the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, threatened her with the blade.

Luckhurst had previously lived in the same house of multiple occupancy in Dudley Road, Clacton, before being evicted because people associated with her were causing trouble.

After being turfed out, she returned and asked the woman to let her in, but she refused.

But Luckhurst returned again, along with the 17-year-old, smashing their way into a communal area with an axe before kicking the woman’s door in.

Another man waited outside and urged the pair to hurry up as they robbed the woman who suffers from Parkinson’s disease.

As she left Luckhurst threatened the victim and said: “If you say anything, you are going to be done.”

Luckhurst, of St Clairs Road, St Osyth, admitted robbery.

She was jailed for six years at Chelmsford Crown Court.

The boy involved was given a referral order at Chelmsford Youth Court, but Judge Timothy Walker said Luckhurst would not escape because of her string of previous convictions.

He said: “You do not have youth or a lack of previous convictions on your side.

“She was a vulnerable person, as are all the people living there, and has had to move because of what happened on that night.”

Gavin Burrell, mitigating for Luckhurst, said she had taken crack cocaine and heroin and drunk alcohol before the raid in May.

“She had shown genuine remorse and describes the event as life changing,” he said.

“There were two other people involved and it would seem she took a lesser role.

“She is doing well in her bid to cut down on her drug use while in prison with her script now being reduced to the minimum.”

Luckhurst was also handed a restraining order for ten years banning her from contacting the victim in any way.