IF you're of a certain generation, you're bound to have vivid memories of the Radio 1 Roadshow.

The pop extravaganza took place every summer in beach resorts across the UK and one of the station's favourite locations to pitch up was Clacton's West Greensward.

As the pictures on this spread testify, thousands of pop fans flocked to be part of the action, cheering throughout the hour-long broadcast and screaming for the likes of Peter Andre and the Backstreet Boys - two of the best-known acts to have graced the stage (both in 1996).

American Emperor Rosko hosted the first Clacton roadshow on August 2, 1973.

Over the course of the next three decades, various top names and pop favourites appeared on stage to entertain the masses.

TV legend Noel Edmonds (1974) was among those to play host, as were Dave Lee Travis (1977 and 1982), Ed Stewart (1978), Paul Burnett (1979), Simon Bates (1980), David Jensen (1983), Adrian John (1985), Steve Wright (1986 and 1991), Gary Davies (1987), Bruno Brookes (1988), Phillip Schofield (1989), Mike Read (1990), Jakki Brambles (1993), Nicky Campbell (1995) and Simon Mayo (1996).

Lisa I’Anson fronted the final Clacton roadshow in 1997 and the curtain was brought down on them altogether two years later, when the BBC replaced them with a series of one-day pop festivals in cities around the UK.

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