A WARNING has been issued to menaces on electric scooters as they were criticised for riding “inconsiderately and dangerously” on Colchester’s pavements and roads.

Police officers issued what they have described as a “friendly reminder” after they received reports of adults riding at speed across the borough.

Electric scooters are classed as a motor vehicle under the Road Traffic Act and require insurance and a driving licence to be used on the roads.

You are also not allowed to ride them on pavements and footpaths or in parks.

A spokesman for the Colchester Policing team said: “We are receiving reports of people (mainly adults) riding e-scooters inconsiderately, dangerously and at speed on pavements and on roads throughout Colchester.

“This is just a friendly reminder to all that electric scooters are classed as a motor vehicle under the Road Traffic Act.

“To use an electric scooter on a public road you will require insurance and a driving licence.

“Failure to have these may result in the scooter being seized, a fine and points on your licence.

“As a motor vehicle, the Road Traffic Act also provides powers to police for offences such as drug and drink driving.

“All of these could impact your driving licence or future aspirations to attain a driving licence.

“As with any motor vehicle you are also not allowed to ride or drive on pavements, footpaths, parks and many open spaces, this may be deemed as anti-social behaviour.”


It comes as it was revealed Colchester is one of six locations where e-scooter trials for a Park and Scoot scheme could be explored.

Workers could be encouraged to park a mile away from their office and use an electric scooter for the final stretch of their commute.

Essex County Council is set to launch its e-scooter trials in six towns after the Government made hire services legal last month.

County Hall bosses say introducing 500 e-scooters will get rid of 1,000 car journeys from Essex roads each day, encouraging residents to be active whilst removing the associated air pollution and reducing congestion.

However, the cost of hiring the scooters has not yet been finalised although it could be as much as £5 for the two way journey into town.

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