VINYL enthusiasts will help fellow record fans celebrate an international event – all at a social distance.

Record Store Day is one of the most important days in the calendar for independent music shop owners who sell vinyl records.

The annual event is usually held in April, but the coronavirus crisis put this year’s event on pause.

Instead, the celebrations will be spread out across three separate dates so record fans can enjoy the event, but keep at a social distance.


Winyl, a vegan wine and record shop, in South Street, Manningtree, is holding its Record Store Day events on August 29, September 26, and October 24.

Steve Tattam, who runs Winyl with his partner Whilmari Swift, said: “Previously the day was a music extravaganza with around 500 limited vinyl releases all coming out on one day, on a first come first served basis, with store events across the globe.”

Steve said this year has been split across three dates to spread the load and enable customers to comply with social distancing measures.

“We took wish lists earlier in the year and have ordered to these requests although we have not had all delivered, we still have around half of 350 releases for the first date,” he added.

“We will still have a queue system but we are asking customers to come on their own, stay two metres apart in the queue and bring a printed list of what they want.

“We will take the list in exchange for a ticket and then bag up the stock.”

This will be held at the till so at 8am the first person can collect and pay for their stock, exit and let the next person in.

Steve and Whilmari said they will carry on until the queue has gone.


This year only two to four people can be in the store at a social distance.

Steve added: “Last year we have well over 200 visitors to the store throughout the day; this might be less this year due to dates being split and people not willing to come out, but we are able to sell online from 6pm after the event so any remaining stock will be available to order.”

To find out more about Winyl and Record Store Day visit and