ICE cream sellers should be banned from genteel Frinton’s hallowed Greensward according to Gazette readers.

Earlier this week, the Gazette revealed how town councillors were taking aim at ice cream sellers, who they claim are not licensed to sell their wares on the Tendring Council-owned greensward.

Frinton is protective of the famous greensward and councillors are proud of the lack of commercialisation, unlike resorts such as Clacton and Walton.

An online poll of almost 730 Gazette readers found 55 per cent agreed with councillors that ice cream sellers should not be allowed on the green.

Reader Ron Wotton said: “I think the reason why people love Frinton and want to live here is that it is stuck in a time warp - let’s keep it that way.”

Christine Anne Wotton agreed, adding: “ Frinton is unique. People come here because they like the difference from Walton and Clacton.”

But Kay Radley disagreed.

“Having an ice cream van will not upset the equilibrium of the Frinton time warp,” she protested.

“It’ll just make kids and parents happy.”

Nora Simmonite said people should be able to buy an ice cream while on the greensward.

“Frinton is too stuck up and needs to come into the real world,” she said.

Other readers called on people to buy ice creams at shops in nearby Connaught Avenue to help the town’s eateries pay their rates.

Nick Turner, from the town’s council, said he spotted four ice cream vans in the town at the weekend.

“That’s absolutely unheard of. In all the 30 years I’ve lived here I’ve not known of that happening,” he said.

“It’s a game of cat and mouse - we can move them on but then they come back.

“There was one in the town on Saturday parked in an ambulance bay.”

A bike selling ice creams was spotted previously but that has since been prevented from trading after words of warning were given.

“If you are unlicensed, you are illegal,” he added. “There is no commercialisation of our esplanade, our greensward and our promenade.

“That’s what makes it such a special place. It’s our unique selling point.

“It’s what makes us different from everywhere else and is why Frinton is so popular - because it is different.”